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Sunday, August 3, 2008

What goes up...

Yesterday, myself & Mr Mac were on the lookout for some adventure. We decided to travel north to Carlingford, in the hope of climbing Slieve Foye, a stunning 589m peak in County Louth.

Mr Mac carefully packed all the info, maps etc. needed for the 'relatively straightforward' walk ahead. Ok, he's the dependable sort, you know - strong, silent, determined etc. etc. I'd trust him with my life if I had to. The weather was expected to be bright, sunny with the 'occasional' shower. He packed the waterproofs just in case.

20 mins in, we are lost, then we find our way onto the track again, then we get lost again {It later turns out the map was the size of a thumbnail and not really that useful - oh dear} back on the track and fired up with caffeine and jaffa cake we sped up the winding trail, bravely pushing upwards and onwards from the Colwyn Gap to the impressive summit of Slieve Foye.
"Now that we're here, how about some more coffee?" pants Mrs Mac
"Ok" says Mr. Mac
"I think I'll take off my boots, my wee feet are achin'" moans Mrs Mac.....
"Ok" sighs Mr. Mac


*roll of thunder/lightening flash/torrential rain crashes from the blackened sky onto the bewildered hikers below {including the silly one perched on the rock with no shoes on}*

We carried on wearily seeking shelter here and there, trudging and squelchin' as we go. Mitzi, the poor dog was saturated, tired (this dog is never tired) and hungry. At this stage we should have been safely making our way down the mountain track heading to the warm and cosy car.... but wait! where is the track? and how the bloomin' hell do we get back down?

* this went on for a little while, slipping and sliding occasionally on our backsides as we debated to go this way or that *

Roll on five hours (yes five more hours) of squelching, snapping, tumbling, shouting, whimpering and sniffing {still sniffin' today} we finally gain access into a forested area where we happen upon {oh joy of joys} a way marked trail bringing us back to Carlingford Town. Roll on another 2 mile trek and we are safe - I've never been so happy to see a car park in my whole life!

{To see more pics from the Mac's bogus adventure - go to the 'Irelands Eye' folder on my flickr photostream} :)


Mixing-Katie said...

Oh, man -- what a trip, Tanya! I'm guessing it will be a while before you agree to go out on another adventure??

TanyaMac said...

You can say that again Katie! :) The incredible views and scenery did make up for it though.

Outstanding Stranger said...

What a beautiful place you live. Thanks for signing up for my swap...I think it will be fun..Hugs, Diane