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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey hey its a beautiful day! :)*

Well it is a very mad Monday - lots of wedding work, sample requests and art to finish off. I wanted to start the week by saying 'thankyou' to all who enquired about my poorly chicken. Some people might have laughed but not my buds - I think you all know by now, how much I love my girls...

To be honest, I really didn't know whether Henrietta would make it through or not. When she showed the first signs of recovery, I was just a tad hesitant to tell you all. {Never count your chickens before they're hatched - isn't that what they say?} I'm delighted to say that she has made it through the worst and is now getting back to her old tricks again, not the full 100%, but we are getting there.

To celebrate I cooked the girls their favourite treat, porridge with sultanas! As you can see they all {Henrietta included!} really enjoyed the banquet. For now I can rest easy - fingers, knees, thumbs and elbows crossed :)* Thankyou so much to everyone for their kind words and good vibes and understanding, we all really appreciate that.
So here's a big fat 'Mwah' from the girls,
xxx!! :)*

P.S I can't go without showing off our Mitzi - she has won the coolest dog collar from Lucky Fiona - click here for all the juice!


roc said...

oh thank gawd henrietta is well again. i wanted so badly to ask you if she was feeling better but didn't want in case she wasn't! i am thrilled to no end that she is doing well!!!


thank goodness she's better!! Did you find out what was wrong with her????

TanyaMac said...

Thanx Roc! :)* xxx

Suzan, to this day we have no clue what she picked up - all the others are completely fine, so thankfully it wasn't contagious!

Thanx a million for the hugs!