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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oops I've been tagged!

My very talented friend Inger from Norway has very cheekily tagged me, so here are 7 random facts about myself......prepare to be shocked and amazed {come on now this is gripping stuff!!} :)*

  1. I am blind in one eye, and so is my dad - but.... dodododoooo.... its not genetic, I was born with it and Daddy's eye was blinded in a work accident. {Same eye - weird coincidence?}
  2. If I could eat jaffa cakes all day long, I probably would.
  3. My ugly mug once appeared in TIME europe - not a pretty picture, prepare yourselves....
  4. I would far rather watch a stormy sea and get soaked to the skin, than sunbathe and get burnt.
  5. If I'm feeling sad & blue, you will find me in the corner cupboard.
  6. I really wish I had studied Art & Design instead of Sociology.
  7. Yes, I can reveal that I am Supergirl {evidence to be provided at a later date}

So now I'm going to tag these unsuspecting bloggers....

P.S I'm away tomorrow so 'the Friday Tut' will be on Saturday instead, live from Gezza's new workshop. :)*


Anonymous said...

You don't have an ugly mug!
Thanks for giving a peek into your life :-)

purplecat said...

Ooh Tanya you really are cheeky aren't you!! lol It took me ages to think of seven things, maybe I am boring or maybe my memory is going lol.
Thanks for the encouragement re opening an etsy store- any tips on getting started?

Sir Pumpkin said...

Lol... now I shall have to think of seven things!

Mixing-Katie said...

Wooopsie, didn't mean to tag you right after you'd just been tagged!! 0_o

I wish that I had studied Art & Design instead of English!!

Twilight zone on the eyes -- what are the chances of that??