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Friday, April 30, 2010

An exciting Commission!

Earlier this year I was contacted by Vicki & Stuart who were interested in buying one of my junk patchworks They had previously seen my work at an art auction in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin (in aide of Battling Autism) - their bid didn't win the piece but they were a determined bunch and decided to get in contact!

My patchworks usually contain lots of colourful junk from my everyday but this time I decided to collaborate with my clients and use their rubbish for a change. Vicki sent me a parcel stuffed to the gills with all sorts of stuff in it, everything from train tickets, favourite song lyrics, food packaging, photos and even a crunchie wrapper!

The finished piece took a lot of time, love and patience to complete - over 160 hours in total. There's around 1,321 squares on that canvas and its pretty big too, roughly the size of a coffee table - you could eat your breakfast of it!

I was soo nervous on Wednesday evening when Vicki dropped in to collect it but luckily she loved it! Not only that but she bought me a little present for the baby - how cute are these???



julietk said...

I can see why they wanted one, its fab :-) Sweet gifts for the little one.

Magpie and Button said...

Wow Tanya your paper patchwork piece is amazing! Well done. :)

TanyaMac said...

Thanks ladies! I thought it would take me forever to complete but i just kept on truckin' - it was such a rewarding project! ;)

sarah said...

so so so cool! i love it! well done on finishing it!!

Unknown said...

I love it so much!! Did you do it with Mod Podge?

TanyaMac said...

hey Amy! yeah i used gel medium to seal in the inks on some old receipts and delicate papers however most of it was done using the mighty mod podge!

thanks for your lovely comments! ;)