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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pure ambitiousness..........;)*

Ok so I found this cool tutorial for a bird mobile over at Spool and I instantly fell in love - plus I felt it was completely 'doable' for a wee beginner like me and a super handy way to use up fabric remnants. Unfortunately my hand sewing skills are nowhere near as good as my machine sewing! I've made three birds so far, but once sewn and reversed they look like plump overfed fish with funny lookin' heads! :)

Wish me luck!!! ;D


Catherine said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!! Cx

sarah said...

lol, they sound lovely! who wouldn't want to wake up to fat fish!!

are the hand stitched? your hand sewing will be perfect at the end of this project!

TanyaMac said...

yeah all hand stitched Sarah! I thought it would be a really relaxing project to do but i'm getting soo frustrated! an expert like you would be a dab hand at it - will bring a couple to the crafty market on sunday to show you ;D

sarah said...

yeah bring them, and we can do them at the fair!