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Monday, May 31, 2010

Packaging woe sorted!

I ummed and aahed about how to repackage my carnaby garlands - the key thing was to make the colours visible, pack them in such a way that they don't tangle upon opening, reinforce that they are quality handmade and easy for me to display at fairs. (I'll be decorating the wall behind me in these so at least people get to see them in action) I think i finally have it now - just as well as i have a craft fair coming up this weekend! aaah! :D

 wishing you a happy productive Monday!


Magpie and Button said...

Tanya they look fabulous! The colours really pop, even while they're in their packaging.

TanyaMac said...

thanks Miss Magpie! :)

Jessamyn Sommers said...

Wow, fantastic job!