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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunny Bunny and my new apron! :)

So I reckon its about time that I did another bump update - thanks for the prompt ladies! I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here and show off one of my latest makes and my favourite sunny bunny tee! (as well as my plump nearly six month old bump) ;D

Well as you can probably see for yourself the apron is reversible and very handmade looking! I'm notorious for not following instructions, patterns just drive my head crazy so last time i visited the folks Mummy had a challenge tucked up her sleeve.  The challenge was to create an apron entirely by following a pattern - this might seem easy to some but i was less than hopeful. The terms ruching, darts, and ladder stitch filled my wee heart with dread especially when i found out that you had to make your own bias binding. We worked together on it (for roughly six hours straight) and Mummy managed to keep my mind on the job. My mind usually danders off somewhere else mid project! Now that its finshed, I'm very proud of it and now know that I can in fact follow a pattern, I just need a bit of self belief and a hell of a lot of  FOCUS! Who knew an apron could teach you so much!

If you fancy giving this apron project a go then check out the Emmeline pattern from Sew Liberated. Oh and do let me know if you give it a try! Otherwise why not drop into etsy and buy yourself one readymade - this one caught my eye this morning >>

Love n' hugs,


Jagienka said...

I'm loving the apron. And your bump! You look great. Pregnancy really suits you, honey ;)

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

I agree, pregnancy really does suits you! And the apron is fab. I have the same reservations about patterns. Might ask my Mum to go through one with me. I bought some hippy chick fabric and a pattern off Etsy two summers ago and it's still sitting there!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

PS having a wee Give Away : )

ange cuthill said...


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

SO pretty, Tanya! I love the bight colors and the fact that it's reversible. That way, your bump gets the best of both worlds! :)
Oh, and thumbs up for speaking in months instead of weeks as that always messes up my mind!
Happy bump, happy you! Thanks for showing, Tanya! :)

TanyaMac said...

Ah thank you all for the sweet comments! you've made my tuesday morning so much brighter! ;D

Aileen will defo pop over to your blog to enter the giveaway - I haven't seen one of your lovely pieces that I wouldn't like to covet! ♥

Mitsy - you're so right about the months vs. weeks thing, it totally bends my head too! I'm turning 24 weeks on fri so in pregnancy terms I'm 4 months, but using the same logic, I'll be nearly 10 months prego by my due date??.... there ya go I've talked myself into a riddle again!! ;P

i need my decaff! lol!

TanyaMac said...

...oops correction... by 24 weeks this weekend I'll be SIX months pregnant - mercy me! :D

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Send me your address again won a card : )

ms firefly said...

you look lovely tanya, and that's one cheerful apron!
{hugs} to the bump. ♥

Edana said...

Oooh Tanya! Thats the sweetest baby bumpiness ever. Much love.