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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

rhythm & rhyme

Hey folks! hows it going! First of all a BIG fat 'sorry' for being so quiet of late! I've been mad busy getting ready for the little one and the baby brain has kicked in big time, I've read and reread my 'what to expect when you're expecting' book about five times now! Only 9 weeks left before my due date, so got to get myself educated about these things.....
Anyhow, i just wanted to nip in and show you my latest artwork, rhythm & rhyme - do ya like it??? It will be available for purchase at the launch night tomorrow. I'll be popping my head in to see if there's any interest and do a bit of hobnobbing. Oh and I'll probably have a mild panic attack or two on the way through the door but sure thats totally normal...right??) :P
Its an open party (super chilled and relaxed atmosphere) so if you're in dublin town tomorrow evening i hope you'll drop by. There's tonnes of really good stuff going up on those walls so don't miss out! 

Wish me luck chickens! xoxo Tanya ;)

*** UPDATE ***
Over 7 Grand has been raised so far - how cool is that?? The art sale continue until Thursday 22nd July! Here follows some pics from opening night...  ;D


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Only 9 more weeks! That's insane, it's like only yesterday I discovered your pregnant! Jeez, time moves fast! Keep cool and carry on - you're doing fab! :)

TanyaMac said...

Hey Mitsi, good to see ya! ;)

Its flipping crazy alright - seeing those double lines on the test feels like yesterday!

Gonna try keeping cool and not let my mind get carried away altogether. I'm assuming mummy's learn a lot 'on their feet' and not from a how to manual! I'm hoping so anyway!

nicedaydesigns said...

Wow love the piece it looks fantastic!

9 weeks, oh that's so exciting!! I just got back from visiting my sister, they are taking her in on Tuesday coming to induce the baby, I'm so excited!!We called over today to help tidy the house and do a bit of gardening....nesting and all that :)


Oh wow, I do love your piece. I hope you have a super show ... enjoy!