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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tea Party for two! ;)*

Well lads n' ladies! Can you believe it? I've got only 2 weeks left til our due date!!! I popped into the doctor's yesterday and I'm delighted to tell you all is good in the hood! Head down, heart rate strong, blood pressure normal - the main thing, my darlin' baby is healthy and growing bigger by the day! I thought i'd celebrate by having some tea and toast in the sunshine! :)*

Usually I'd make my tea in the mug  (I know...sinful!) but i made myself this tea cosy and I was dying to use it for the first time. You can find the pattern details in the latest issue of Sew Hip!

I decided to veer off the original design and funk it up a bit with some lettering applique and by adding buttons and beads to the finished design. The toast was very good by the way, almost burned (just the way i like it) and slathered with marmalade. If you like your marmalade chunky and slightly bitter then i can't recommend Aldi's Grandessa brand highly enough. It's pure delicious!

My darlin' pooch, Mitzi snuck in deftly for the jammy crusts! 

a couple of close-ups of the finished detail...

Lined and quilted using a vintage tablecloth - given to me by Sarah from Redpossum. She's also opened another etsy shop for clearing her stash of vintage fabric, do have a peek!! :)




Anonymous said...

OMG Tanya Tea on the Lawn in a proper t pot, the only way tea should be made, wish I was there!!!
With the tea cosy on your head which is gorgeous by the way you look like a wee gnome just popped in for a cuppa!!!!

vilterietje said...

Tanya, lovely to hear you and your baby are ready for the countdown!
You and your teaset look great.
Love, Riet

Flying Blind said...

Super cozy - make the most of being silly (and having time for tea and toast!) - my three year olds already tut when I do anything daft :(

TanyaMac said...

'A wee gnome'??? thank you mother! ;D

AND are you calling me 'silly' flying blind!!! Really! Whatever gave you that impression? LOL! ♥

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Tanya-your post made me cackle right out loud!!

Yeah for you and the baby-not much longer for you both-sending safe labor and delivery vibes your way from one mama to another~~~~~~~

The cozy hat/teapot cover is darling for sure:)

Loved it all!

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt Sylvia thinks you look gorgeous and so does the toast!!!

Sharon said...

Happy to hear that you and baby are doing well!!

I just love your tea cozy/hat! This looks like the perfect breakfast to me!

sarah said...

ha ha! love the last shot especially! SO glad you used that table cloth, i knew it could be nice, i just didn't know how to use it!!! love the cosy, it's very you!

great news RE baby!!! and so happy to hear you have to good sence to have a cup of tea and feet up....!

Anonymous said...

Love the teacosy!

And the last pic in the post reminds me of a saying from Billy Connolly:

"Never trust a man, who, when he's alone ina room with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on"

Pretty Things said...

I loooove that tea cosy! It gives me some inspiration for making some beads!

Unknown said...

i love it!! i always make my tea in a mug! it gets too stewed in a pot but i agree.. i want one of those! And i just bought an elephant tea pot.. so its necessary!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Love it!!!

Kathy said...

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