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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crayon/Oil Pastel/Watercolour Resist

This is one of the simplest techniques ever! Just doodle with crayon/oil pastel, brush on liberally with watercolours and let the magic reveal itself. Very therapeutic for yet another rainy day! ;)


Jules said...

These look like they were a lot of fun! How the heck are ya? Hope the move goes smooooooooooth.

TanyaMac said...

Hey Jules! We're all doing great actually, how the hell are you? I'm just getting ready for the next move from the city to the North Yorkshire Moors! i am a rolling stone, a yoyo who can't sit still. It will all be very settled again i'm sure and then i might get a bit bored! We're renting so we feel free as birds ;)

Lynda said...

Aren't resists so much fun? I love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently, I appreciate the visit and comment. I never did find out who my arty admirer was :)

Mª Rosa said...

Fantasticos dibujos!!!

Mª Rosa said...

fantasticos dibujod!!

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