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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

* I T s * S * N o * W * i * n *G ! *

Its been snowing here in my patch of Ireland since early this morning. Proper fluffy flakes too, not that withering semi snow sruff, this is the real thing! I never usually pay attention to the weather forecasts so I was just a bit surprised {yes I do live in a bubble & I'm very happy there too!} Mitzi the pooch looooves the snow.
My camera is still doing the annoying 'lights are on, but nobody's home' thing. Thus, no pictures of my lovely mitz enjoying the snowfall - just some paper snowflakes {I'm addicted}. That bloomin' camera has annoyed me though, its a fuji, and I was very good to it. It seems that there is a flaw with this particular model, and after a couple of years it just seizes up - blinking that empty green light. Poor helpless thing, lets all send little fuji well wishes :)*
Last night, I mean very late last night... well morning... actually 3 in the morning {I'm a night owl anyway} I managed to finish off another wedding stationery order. Its always good to see a project come to an end which means something else is waiting in the wings to work on.
That next project has to be my poor neglected etsy - it hasn't caught a whiff of christmas yet. Time is running out, considering I'm in Ireland and most of my customers are abroad. I've played around with a couple ideas today, rough ideas at the mo so they need some love before I can stock up those shelves. I'll keep you posted! Wherever you are enjoy your day! :)*



hiya, there's something waiting for you on my blog

greer / eggstudio said...

I love your etsy store!!
REally those CD earrings ROCK!!
Oh! and send me some snow....

WW said...

LOVE those paper snowflakes!!
Also love that JazzFlower in your shop! What a cool idea.
Enjoy the snow...and I'll say a prayer for dear Fuji.

Sir Pumpkin said...

That is som pretty! I always enjoy your blog - makes me come away with a smile.

purplecat said...

I missed the snow, but my house was so cold when we got home, I had to take a hot water bottle to bed( missed the Florida sunshine!)