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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A little birdie told me...

My two art buds GlitterDiane and Mophead Maggie have given me the BFF Blog award!!! It comes all superspangled with a gold loyalty card no less, good to look at and half price groceries... ok I made that up. Anyway this is very special to me, as I admire these ladies and their work very much. I'm happy to call them my BFF's - bloggin' friends forever. {They might live to regret that :P}

So now its up to me to nominate five amigo's {four old buds and one sorta new}. Here are my five choices, it was soo hard to pick just five. Ya know I love ya all! :)*


purplecat said...

Aw thanks Tanya- I am proud to be your BFF! I got to go ponder on my list now!?
Hey are you and Gezza going to the Artforall2009 ? It would be great to meet you both!!

Mixing-Katie said...

Aw!!!!! :D

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Thanks Tanya : ) It's lovely to have such nice blogging friends. I'm very excited that we have the irish contingent coming to visit next week. Havin a house ceilidh and our friend is bringing his pipes! Cannae wait.

Sir Pumpkin said...

Awh...gee... shucks...
*shuffles feet, blushes*
Thanks Tanya - we celts need all the friends we can get.
(Me Welsh - born Llwynypia)
Love these two latest pieces... your work always makes me feel happy.

grrrdjules said...

Wow, that's amazing... wish I was there. If you ever want to venture over the pond, you know Canadians are almost like being at home. I am going to pay for saying that!


LOOOOOOVE the artwork, mad lady. lol.

And you well deserve an award too

Right you know i said the word verifications that i get on here are always swear words. Well this one isn't bad.
unisex. ???????? LOL
it didn't like it, and now it says socking hahahahaha
Is it me? or is it you? lol

June said...

Fabulous award and well done !!
Hugs J x

greer / eggstudio said...

I thought we were already BFF's?
Snicker~ Snicker~