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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

* HapPy DaYs! *

I turned 31 last saturday! I'm now officially in my 'early thirties' which feels surprisingly good, like I've 'grown into myself' - if you know what I mean?? Our birthdays are all clumped together, Mitzi and Orla on Wednesday, Daddy on Thursday, Me on Saturday, Gezza this friday, Our Phil next tuesday....So I decided to take myself up north to celebrate with them all!.

On Saturday I took my wee cousins off to Tollymore forest park for a tomboy's day out where we picnicked, played football, climbed trees and lots of other fun stuff. It was lovely and sunny too!

On Sunday, Gezza, myself and Miss Orla {thats herself up above in the hot air balloon} had a really girly day out visiting the most beautiful stately home, Mount Stewart. The gardens are spectacular there and every single rhodedendron was in full bloom - I couldn't get over the colours! We finished the day off in proper style with tea and yummy tray bakes :)*

I received lots of lovely cards, emails and little gifts which really made the day extra special so a big 'thank you' to everyone who thought of me this year. My favourite present of them all came from my mum, Gezza who made me a really clever and cute tote. An awful lot of work went into making it - I love how she used my 'birdie girl' drawing as the centerpiece and the gingham flower is pure genius!

On top of all that, lucky-duck me also received the latest edition of Photoshop elements - yippeeDOO!!! Although I haven't the slightest bloomin' notion what to do with it yet! I have the 'Classroom in a book', but I'm particularly interested in the more arty farty side of PSE - like digital collage and stuff. Do you have any suggestions on how to get started with that kind of thing???

Yep I'm a clueless thirty-somethin'! ♥


Lynda said...

Happy belated birthday :D Sounds like you had a good one. I can't wait to be in my 30s. the 20s's all rocket science during this decade, lol. As for your new program, I can totally relate. I get so bored when I try to read those books. I look and look for a book that just deals with the art perspective on photoshop 7 and I haven't had any luck. Hopefully you will have better luck than me. Have a good day.

Mixing-Katie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!!

There are some good videos on using Photoshop online.

roc said...

happy day. aren't birthdays awesome? i just love 'em to pieces. love your tote!