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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nesting... ;)

Happy times! Just over 7 weeks left until the little one's due - we're so excited and working like mad to get everything ready! I'm hoping that the more i do now will make my life so much easier when baby's here. Maybe making space for baby is mentally preparing me in some way?. My mum in law will be over soon with a swinging crib that she used for Ben when he was only a wee nipper, i think we can safely call that vintage!!!

A cuddly spot for changing nappies ;)

freshly washed baby wear ;)

drawers filled with cute outfits - all washed & ironed!

Now that I'm taking a break from the craft markets and working on my etsy,  I can just indulge in doing all these wee things for babby. I'm still working on the patchwork quilt, a falling leaf mobile (or should we call that a chandelier??), and a textile picture book full of animal critters. I'll keep ya's all posted of my progress!

Love n' hugs,


Magpie and Button said...

Oh Tanya everything looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see the leaf chandelier when it's done - I hope you'll have time to put up a pic :)

Aisling Kiernan said...

What a lucky baby to have all these beautiful lovingly crafted treasures to begin life with. I am certain you will be such a wonderful Mother. In fact you already are.
Try to allow yourself to rest as well as create while waiting for baby's arrival.
I found the year or so after both my babies were born some of the most creative time I have ever spent so I am sure you will too.
Lots of love,

Gayle Coleman said...

That is all so sweet, i could actually smell a new baby (i love the smell of new babies)yes indeed what a lucky baby, I was like a clucking hen towards the end of my pregnancy xxx Enjoy XoXo

Jagienka said...

I agree, you're having one lucky baby! Once the wee one has hatched you will not get enough of sleep so I do hope you take a break from all this washing and ironing and go for a good kip ;)

Outstanding Stranger said...

Aaahhh, My wee friend is having a wee addition to her family..How exciting Tanya. What a beautiful day to hang baby's, blue sky. Love how you can see the first pictures of your baby..Big hugs for ya!!! Love, Diane

TanyaMac said...

Awh me girls!!! thanks so much for the sweet comments! To be honest I'm totally nerve wracked thinking about the labour and putting my energy into making stuff soothes the aul soul. I'm getting lots of lie ins, bath nights, tummy rubs, and visits from friends and family which is just brilliant. I might as well enjoy it while it lasts! :D

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Ohh, I can't believe it went so fast! You're immensely organised already and all will go smoothly, I'm sure! Enjoy the last weeks with your bump! ;)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Oh,my goodness-Congratulations!

I just reading your blog made me want to "nest" HA! Especially with our youngest being seven, now.

Everything looks totally fabulous! You're doing grat, mom!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Oh, please, ignore, my typos, in the prior past. Why did I click "post" without proofreading?

I never do that:)

How embarrassing-Geesh!

All things nice... said...


Only a few weeks now, you have some lovely baby things already :) You must be really excited, have you names thought of or picked yet! What a cute baby scan, wishing you all the best!

All things nice...

TanyaMac said...

yes i do All things nice!!! all shall be revealed, once baby is here! I'm afraid to tempt fate!

Do you now that in Lagan Valley Hospital up north (where i was born) don't tell parents whether they're having a boy or girl??? They've been sued so many times for getting it wrong! We've been given an indication but we'll see on the big day. I have a couple of other names on standby just in case! Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! ;D

ViviBijoux said...

Hi Tanya, Virginie from ViviBijoux here, just checking out the blogs for links in my ATC list of participants post for tomorrow. Didn't realize you were expecting soon. Are you sure you're going to be ok for the swap? I know how tiring and busy these first weeks can be ^_^ Virginie

TanyaMac said...

yep miss Viv! I have it sketched already and just need to colour so I'll share pic with you when done to share on blog. Baby's not due til September 10th so will have it ready in plenty of time! :D