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Monday, July 26, 2010

An old relic gets an update! ;)

I've held onto this seventies leatherette chair for years now! Daddy's a builder and also a top notch man for all things salvage. He saved this reject from a derelict house in Belfast and passed it onto me - that was in '95! Since then its been in many places... in various states of distress, including my bathroom sitting forlorn and all rejected. We've now rejigged our furniture layout and decided to give the old boy some love and a dedicated space to call his own. Its an ideal nursing chair for me and the wee one, uber comfy and it rocks smoothly back and forth on a pivoted base. The twits look very happy on it don't they?? ;)

In other news... I've been practising parenthood on these two little monsters, my darlin' cousins, Orla & Rory. We had so much fun at Grove Gardens the other day, if you ever find yourself in County Meath be sure to look it up! Our personal favourite was the very talkative Cockey the Cockatiel with a rather impressive cockney accent! ;D

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All things nice... said...

Loving the chair, but I think its the crafts on it that I like most :) Lots like a lovely open farm to visit :) Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a nice weekend

All things nice...