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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last chance to snatch!

Hello my lovely people! Just popping in briefly to tell you all about the 'Last Chance to Snatch' sale at my etsy shop - you'll find lots of colourful goodies at reduced prices, including some exclusive art prints which have only been available to folks at the markets! I have so much to blog about this week (where has all the time gone???) so do tune in on tuesday for an update and a wee chat. Sure lets go the whole hog and have tea and biscuits while we're at it! Have a super spangly weekend all - you know you're worth it! ;D

Best Wishes,


Monika @ Our Homemade Home said...

Oh I can't wait:))) I hope You are feeling great in the last days of Your preggie time:))) I'm still waiting for even tiny email from You:) Did You go to any clinic? We are thinking about it. Would love to hear from You:)
XOXO from co. Sligo:D

vilterietje said...

Tanya, when is your baby expected? I do hope so much you'and your baby will have a great birth.
Love, Riet