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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whats cookin good lookin ???

Well I've been cookin' up a quilt amongst other things!  The finished article is a good bit smaller than expected - its the size of a changing mat really. Anyhow, its now finished and adding a generous 'splash of colour' to our hand me down swinging crib. Hopefully, the wee one will enjoy all the various colours and patterns. Oh, and I've only 2 weeks and 3 days til my due date - eeeek! The nerves are really jangling now! 

The cute corduroy snail is a gift from Gezza, my yummy mummy - you can find her crafty creations on flickr. I think I'll end up the same colour as the snail if i keep eating so many raw carrots!!! (my latest craving)

This cheeky chap is another gift from Gezza, a handmade sock monkey - the pattern came with the august issue of Sew Hip. I can't believe the size of this fella! Given the fact that he's only made out of one pair of socks. We need to give him a name - any suggestions??? ;)

And look! Its about time but I finally got round to making a bootee bag for baba's mittens hats, socks and stuff. I love the hat and matching mittens that Pat, my mum in law made - and i just had to give you a close up of the frog bootee's i picked up at the Crafty Market in Dublin.

Speaking of Dublin...

(from left to right; Fiona from Patchworkdelights, Angela from ArtySmarty,
Judith from Aboxformytreasure and Mo from Huggleknits)

Me and the girls from Etsy Ireland met up for a chit chat to discuss ideas for promoting the team in time for Christmas - one of the ideas really got us gassing! A pop up shop, now how cool would that be to have our own shopfront? There are lots of empty shops hanging around in the city (god bless the recession eh?) so I'm pretty sure we could wrangle a spot somewhere good and central. Myself and Sarah from Redpossum launched the team in July of last year and so far it is flying high! Over 180 crafty members now! Do check out the blog and all the lovely Irish etsy shops while you're at it! ;)*

Another nifty idea for team promotion presented itself in the shape of teddy bears! Mary from 'a Wish for You' (etsy shop on the way) brought in a sack load all kitted out with cute ribbons bearing (hehe don't mind the pun) our blog address. The teddies were packed off into various pockets and bags - my two ended up on the street!!! Ted 1 fancied a spin to feel the breeze in his fur and Ted 2 was gasping for a pint so I dropped him off with some friendly tourists in temple bar.

ok thats it for me... i could do with a wee pint myself (but no ofcourse i wouldn't!!!) Instead I'll leave you with this rather silly picture of me 'modelling' my upcycled summer skirt... that'll keep me cool! ;P

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts my sweet friends!  

Pssst!!! I'd also like to say a mighty big thank you to Claire of the luscious HeartHandmade blog for featuring  my work  a few days back!!!


Anonymous said...

Tanya everything looks amazing including YOU XXX Can't wait to see my wee grandchild all decked out in his greenery!!!!

Monika @ Our Homemade Home said...

Ahhhh:) You are so busy!!! I can't wait to see Your wee baba:)))
I know now why You love colours so much, I saw Your mum's kitchen, OMG!!! Lowe!!! I love all Your things:)
My etsy shop is on the way too & I would love to apply for the stall, oh I had one wee one in my village a week ago, it was an agricultural show.
Maybe Monkey Stripey?
Lots of ♥

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Tanya, todays read has my creative juices kicked into high gear-love all the babies goodies in the room.

I love love love that pom pom ball throw on the back of the chair with the monkey sitting atop of it. My great grandma always made those. Loved seeing one, again.

The countdown begins-you must be getting excited and the nesting for baby must be kicking in. Oh, how I remember those days, as they were just a few short years ago:)

vilterietje said...

Tanya you must be very much looking forward to see your little baby! It seems like the longest time of pregnancy: the waiting for the baby! You look great and with your creativity it will pass quick. Love, Riet

All things nice... said...

That's gonna be one lucky baby with all those lovely colourful things all around. Love your patchwork quilt and when I was a baby my mam used one of those rocking cradles they are sweet. Love the pom pom blanket too. Is Socky a very predictable name?

All things nice...

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Loving your brightly coloured nursery. It's great you've had time to make lovely things for your wee one. I had more time to make for my first child. We still have a wooden box with string handles that I painted up while I was pregnant. It was a toy box for years and we all love it. You'll have such fond memories when you look at all the things in years to come : )

Flying Blind said...

The quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure it will become a treasured comforter as your little one grows up (so much nicer than the revolting muzzies mine still drag about!).

All the sock monkeys in this household are called either 'sock monkey' or 'stinky', so I'm not much help there!

Good luck in the final weeks of pregnancy - I remember the excitement xx

Katie said...

The quilt is so fun and so is all the little baby gear! Congrats on the new addition and good luck with all the excitement soon to come :).

Emily said...

hello,love your blog.lovely picture and the monkey so cute. ;-)

patchworkdelights said...

Wow Tanya your quilt looks smokin'!!!! Love your choice of colours.