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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

divine sign... ;)

Here's a little something i made for Paul, my bro in law - he works from home and with two teens bouncing around he finds it hard to get a bit of peace & quiet to get stuff done. Tanya to the rescue! This sign is 13" x 18" canvas ideal for popping on his door when he wants to make some business calls. I used multiple layers of scrap material (phone directory, london a-z, boarding passes, bus/train tickets, pattern tissue, fabric,patterned envelope inserts etc.) some doodles, gel medium transfers and a hell of a lot of gesso.
...So who's the pretty doll bottom right? That my friends is Divine, one of Pauls favourite artists from the eighties - go educate yourselves! you'll all be singin' along in no time :D

Peace n' love n' sugar buns!
Tx ;)

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