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Friday, April 13, 2012

a springtime surpise....

Look what we made for Granny G over the Easter break! Honestly this cherry blossom tree is so easy to make an 18 month old can help (see above for evidence). Good old Martha stewart gave me the inspiration. Basically you get some tissue paper circles (roughly 2-3") crumple it a bit and stick to a bunch of twigs with a dab of pva glue then plonk it in a pretty vase. I gave charlie some tissue paper to scribble all over with crayons beforehand and the end effect was so so pretty. We finished it off with some pastel coloured eggs and placed it in front of a nice big mirror.
The flowers are made from cupcake wrappers and straws, stuck in old beer bottle with a fringey bit of green tissue and pink ribbon. from humble beginnings beauty is born ;)
Happy friday!


Lisa-Marie said...

That is SO cool!

I'm going to keep this in mind for crafting with the kids next year :)

Your Easter looks superfun!

TanyaMac said...

good for you Lisa-Marie! but don't wait til easter, how about white tissue paper, some glittery pens, white spray paint for the branches and you'd have a rather lovely winter display. hmmm... thats got me thinkin ;)