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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The 'i should really be in bed its not actually Friday' Tut!

Well it is that time again, when I feel the need to get art mucky and make a total mess. Luckily, I'm in Gezza's house this weekend so I'm making quite a mess here instead. She has a beautiful new workshop to play in {see her flickr for pics! its gorgeous} I've had fun trying this one out and I'd love to hear from you if you give this one a go.
This is a great effect that you will be able to use in various ways for all your mail art, collage, card art... practically anything. Its basically a form of emboss resist {only better}, which gives a wonderful faux batik result. Here are a couple of atc's, 'Little Boo' and 'Ra-Ra', which I've made using this background technique....

You will need;
  • Large piece of off white/cream lightweight cardstock
  • Either Clear Embossing powder or UTEE
  • Versamark pad {any clear pigment ink pad is ok}
  • A Brayer {If you dont have one - then grab a rolling pin}
  • Elastic Bands or fibres
  • Inks; whatever you have, chalk & pigment best for this.
  • A couple of big swirly or geometric stamps
  • Newspaper to protect your work area
  • Babywipes
  • Lets begin by randomly stamping onto your cardstock in a few different colours, I like using my Kaleidocolours ink pads for this...
  • Wrap rubber bands or fibres {or both} around your brayer
  • Load uo your brayer with versamark and roll it up and down your sheet with wild abandon.
    • Sprinkle on the clear embossing powder and heat it up. {not too long or it will sink into your paper}
    • Rub in some chalk pigment inks, lots of colours - build it up in layers...
    • Wipe the surface with a babywipe - see what happens? :)*

    • Now take it and *cRuMPle* it all up - oh yeah baby!
      Sweep some inks over it to add depth, the ink will seek out all the breaks in the embossing and look really cool. Overstamp if you like using a darker shade. You will also be able to make out bits of your original stamping underneath the embossed lines....

      This looks amazing in blues and greens. I went for an earthy autumnal colour palette and sweeped over some metallic inks at the end. Everytime I try this technique, something new happens - thats why I love it. It really is up to you! Have a play, have a go and most of all.... get messy and have fun!!!


    MARGARET FIELD said...

    Wow, i missed out on your tuts, mrs, and boy what great tuts they are.

    Definitely inspiring, and will definitely be trying them out, just as soon as i've tidied my room to make way lol

    kraplap said...

    I love that batik effect !
    By the way, I tagged you ....

    Flippinpest said...

    What a great technique..the colours and effect are fantastic :-)

    Gaby Bee said...

    This technique is just great. Very clever idea!