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Thursday, April 15, 2010

they call her mellow yellow.....

Spring 2010 Inspiration board

Is it the time of year or my age thats leading me into pastel territory??? I've been using a lot of buttercup yellow of late and yes.... I've even strayed into the pink kingdom. Just check out my 'She's a bit of a bunny girl' headband pictured below. I uploaded it to my etsy shop today, but the title is a bit of a mouthful! All suggestions more than welcome! :) 

Ok so what is my problem with pink??? I really don't know but lots of people like it, wear it and obsess over it - especially little girls! To me its a bit 'poofy' (for want of a better expression) and dosen't inspire me at all. I can manage it in small doses and if I had to pick a shade i liked it would be a bright punchy cerise pink. I'm going through a candyfloss moment now, so I might as well enjoy the transition.

So here we are in pastel land and these are the colours that are tickling me at the moment. I'll soon be introducing a new line of floral paper garlands and other decorative baubles to my shop. I hope you like them as much as I do... for now... until i return to the bright 'in yer face' world of primary colour and neon brights! 

I wonder can a girl like me enjoy the best of both???


TanyaMac said...

So whats your favourite colour? Are you a fan of the Pink? Any clue as to what i should call my latest hairband?

- please share! :)

Magpie and Button said...

Hi Tanya! I really like the mood board you've put together here. I've found myself looking at pastels a bit more lately too, especially mixed with gardeny greens. Yum! Green is definitely my favourite colour. I love your sweetie little bunny girl hairband, and I think the name is pretty perfect :)

Em said...

Mmm I know what you mean about pink, I like it in small doses. What about, In the pink..x

Monika @ Our Homemade Home said...

I am, I love almost all colours:)
Lovely hairbands and pastels and Inspiration board, I am inspired to make my own:) I should at least;)

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

You've been looking in too many baby shops and magazines perhaps? I like pink a lot but bright purpley pinks more than baby pinks. There's a shade of pink that I really don't like. Carnations usually come in this colour and when I was a florist I detested them! What about 'Pink Wink' for the hair band.

TanyaMac said...

Great suggestions all! I'm really torn between 'In the Pink' and 'Pink Wink' - great names! ;)

Miss Magpie, I think 'Pretty Perfect' is a runner too! love that phrase ;)