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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

rainy day blues?

Nah! Not a chance...we've made biscuits, lots and lots of them....butterfly shaped with lots of messy icing thanks to the little man. He managed to wolf a few down before nap time, and now he sleeps...finally he sleeps :)
to the art studio Tanya, tip toe as you go to your paint splattered oasis!  >>> 


Lisa-Marie said...

Yum. Rainy days are perfect for baking, and mess making!

C said...

Is that your little lad?? He is a sweetie and how he has grown. Hope all well with you Tanya. I have a 'real' job at the moment so have had to put my Etsy shop on hold. Might resurrect it in the future with completely different 'wee cute treasures'!! Love the new Crafty Ireland website. Very slick indeed. Anyway thanks for dropping by and sending you a big hug, Carol :)

TanyaMac said...

Awk hello Carol, long time no see! How are you? Yep thats my wee man, Charlie, growing like a weed and getting cheekier by the minute. I've also put my etsy 'to rest' for the time being while i come up with something different. I'm so glad i got one of your beautiful clothespin dolls while i could! Good luck with everything! xoxox hugs right backatcha ;)

p.s the lads from the team are doing an amazing job! its great to see that its still on the go :)